Investigative journalist and author Kate McClymont

Investigative journalist and author Kate McClymont is one of the best-known journalists in Australia.

As a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald, McClymont spends her time mixing with and writing about some of the shadiest characters in the story of Sydney.

Once derided by Paul Keating for spending her time “chasing subterranean odours”, McClymont’s sense of smell has led her to unearth some of the underworld’s most fascinating tales of betrayal, corruption and crime.

Her phone has been tapped, she’s had police security, and received death threats in the aftermath of her Gold Walkley-winning expose of the Bulldogs salary cap scandal.

It was McClymont in whom millionaire businessman Michael McGurk confided that he feared for his life, just one week before he was fatally gunned down outside his Sydney home.

McClymont is also the recipient of five Walkley Awards as well as six Kennedy awards and the George Munster Award. She is a member of the Senate of Sydney University.

Last year, McClymont was inducted into the Australian Media Hall of Fame for her outstanding contribution to Australian journalism.

Kate McClymont will speak at the 2018 Women in Media National Conference.

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