Mobile journalism expert Rob Layton

Rob Layton has worked in the news publishing industry for 30 years as a reporter, sub-editor and photographer for newspapers and magazines in Australia and Britain. Layton specialised in production across print and online, and later in digital.

Layton’s production work led him to undertake a Master of Journalism degree in which he wrote, designed and produced a visual communication textbook, Editing and News Design, for Palgrave Macmillan. The text is prescribed at universities throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and the Asia Pacific.

Layton is now a Senior Teaching Fellow at Bond University where he leads the digital component of the journalism program. His research looks at the ways in which technology is changing journalism, and its impact on how news is gathered, presented and consumed in an industry that is constantly evolving and reshaping itself to meet consumer needs.

Layton evangelises mobile journalism. His workshops for the Women in Media conference will introduce participants to best practice workflows and recommended apps for capturing, editing and distributing content with smartphones.

Rob Layton will run a workshop at the 2018 Women in Media National Conference.

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