Financial specialist Jennifer McSpadden

Jennifer McSpadden is a financial wellbeing advocate, passionate change agent, and GM Engagement at Media Super

When it comes to managing your money a feeling of confidence and control is the end game.

But how do you ensure you always have an income to fall back on, at every stage of your life, no matter what?

A firm believer in “it’s not what you earn, it’s what you do with it that counts”, McSpadden is a passionate change agent who is currently helping Media Super’s members achieve financial wellbeing, step by step and at their own pace.

McSpadden is a creative writer and educator at heart. She has worked in advertising, community services, law and sport and has spent the last 18 years helping people make the most of their super.

She has an MBA from Sydney’s University of Technology and is currently studying for her Masters in Organisational Change from Melbourne Business School.

One day, she will retire to the country, write dirty novels and make jam.

Jennifer McSpadden will speak at the 2018 Women in Media National Conference.

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