Employment lawyer John Laxon

John Laxon is a Sydney lawyer who practices mainly in employment law, crime and commercial litigation.

Laxon became an employment lawyer almost by chance, in the course of representing an accused in a murder trial. The alleged crime arose from a fight in a Surry Hills hotel. The star Crown witnesses were a number of physiotherapy students who had been at the tail end of their annual faculty pub crawl, one of whom observed the accused (the head of security for a famous Aussie working class man and rock star) administer what he described as a martial arts chop of death palm heel strike to the deceased. The critical pub CCTV footage was as typically blurry and unhelpful as the drunken student’s recollection. An acquaintance of the accused was an Executive Producer of a famous Australian current affairs program, who kindly offered his services to enhance and improve the CCTV quality. What eventually followed the viewing of the enhanced footage by the jury, was an acquittal (as it rightly should have). What followed that was Laxon returning the favour by assisting the EP with his employment contract in his new position as Head of News at the TV station.

As an employment and discrimination lawyer, Laxon has successfully represented many high-profile media identities in well-known cases against all of the large Australian media organisations. From the current affairs producer in a Beirut jail to the television news presenter sacked while on maternity leave. From the Network MD sacked by the eccentric absentee owner, to the cadet reporter shown the door for complaining about sexual harassment, to a good girl stripped bare of her rights, Laxon has helped them all.

As a criminal lawyer using skills refined as a former Commonwealth white-collar prosecutor, Laxon has successfully represented many high-profile accused in large and complex prosecutions, from insider trading and stock market manipulation to large Customs prosecutions, sex crimes, murder, manslaughter and contempt of court.

In short, Laxon helps real people with real problems, and he does it quite well.

John Laxon will speak at the 2018 Women in Media National Conference.

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