Editor Danielle Cronin

Danielle Cronin is the first female editor of Fairfax’s metropolitan masthead the Brisbane Times.

The award-winning journalist has worked in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Africa, and Canberra where she covered 10 federal budgets and three federal elections.

As a reporter for The Canberra Times, she spent seven years in the federal press gallery reporting on stories ranging from the coup that ended Kevin Rudd’s prime ministership to the Canberra firestorm.

She has also worked in South Africa as the inaugural winner of the Independent Newspapers Fellowship for Australia and travelled to Germany as the winner of the German Prize for Journalism.

After a long career in newspapers, Cronin joined the digital revolution and is keenly interested in pushing the boundaries of storytelling and innovative ways to build online communities including through the use of social media.

She has a Women in Media Queensland committee member since its inception and is national digital convenor for Women in Media.

Danielle Cronin will run a workshop at the 2018 Women in Media National Conference. 

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