‘Girl’ to anchor Four Corners


By Alexandra Bernard and Cloe Read

Girl was the word used to describe Caroline Jones as she became the first woman to anchor Four Corners.

From its early days as a small group of women in Western Australia, Women in Media has grown to something extraordinary.

In 1972 when Jones started at Four Corners, the press went mad.

“A woman? The first woman to actually hold a job like this,” read newspapers across Australia, along with descriptions of her character including “Attractive ash blonde,” “Girl will take over Four Corners,” “She smells very feminine,” and “A lot of lady is Four Corners new lady.”

This is just one of the reasons that Women in Media is so important.

About 250 people from across Australia have gathered at Bond University for the first Women in Media conference to celebrate women in the industry.

Jones, who opened the conference, recalled being tentative as a young journalist because she wanted them to “like me as a woman” and wants female journalists to support one another.

“I know there is a special place in heaven for women who help other women.”

The conference runs over two days.

Watch the Speech

Source: JPL Media

About the Authors: Cloe Read and Alexandra Bernard are journalism students at Bond University and participated in the pop-up newsroom to nurture emerging talent as part of the first national Women in Media conference.

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