What is Women in Media?

Women in Media (WiM) is a nationwide networking and mentoring initiative to support and nurture women working in all facets of the media – from journalism and media advising to public relations and corporate affairs. Through the influence and backing of MEAA members, Women in Media aims to improve the working lives of women in the industry by:

Industrial Aims
Women in Media campaigns to close the equity and opportunity gap for women in media, namely, superannuation for periods of parental leave, better reporting breakdowns on staff make-up, pay rates and management structure by gender and access to family violence leave.

Women in Media works directly with media companies, educating senior management on the need for greater support for women in the media, the need for sponsorship and mentoring within organisations and creating a best-practice environment to ensure women are able to fully and equitably contribute to their industry – be it news, public relations, communications or creative freelance.

Our national mentoring program draws together senior industry figures to offer women in the early stages of their career support, advice and the benefit of their experience.

Women in Media holds events that focus on women’s issues including panel discussions, keynote addresses, professional development and Q&A sessions that aim to bolster confidence, offer networking opportunities, training and the chance to hear from women in senior positions in the media industry.

Women in Media commissions important research regarding gender and women’s participation in media industries.


Women in Media patron Carolyn Jones and national convenor Tracey Spicer.


Source: Women in Media Australia

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